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crossed roller bearing

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The crossed roller bearing is a special type of bearing with inner ring splitting and outer ring rotation. Since the divided inner ring or outer ring is fixed to the cross roller collar after being loaded into the roller and the spacer, to prevent separation from each other, the operation is simple when the cross roller collar is installed. Since the rollers are arranged in a cross arrangement, only one set of crossed roller collars can withstand loads in all directions, and the rigidity is increased by 3 to 4 times compared with the conventional model. At the same time, since the inner ring or the outer ring of the crossed roller bearing has a two-divided structure, the bearing clearance can be adjusted, and even if a preload is applied, a high-precision rotational motion can be obtained. Moreover, due to its special structure, it is commonly used as a joint bearing in industrial robots.
In the cross roller bearing, since the cylindrical rollers are vertically aligned with each other through the spacer, one cross roller bearing can withstand loads in all directions such as radial load, axial load, and moment load. The size of the inner and outer rings is miniaturized to a minimum, and the extremely thin type is a small size close to the limit and has high rigidity, so it is most suitable for a joint portion or a rotating portion of an industrial robot, a rotary table of a machining center, Robot rotating parts, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, gauges, IC manufacturing equipment, etc.