Motor bearing technology

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Motor bearing classification and usage requirements

Executive summary

一. Motor bearing classification and usage requirements
二. Analysis of motor bearing noise
1. Rolling element defect: 2. Cage defect: 03, inner groove (rolling) track defect;
4. Super-precision defects; 5. Cleanliness problems: 6. Outer groove (rolling) defects:
三 motor bearing selection and application problems
●1. Identify customer needs; ●2. Determine the selection procedure: ●3. Rated load limit speed;
4. Sealing and lubrication: 5, stress analysis of typical working conditions: 6. Selection of specific working conditions:
四, motor bearing failure mode
● 1. Fatigue spalling failure: ● 2. Wear failure: ● 3. Cage deformation and fracture:
●4. Corrosion and rust failure: ●5. Failure caused by electric corrosion:
6. Failure caused by light rust: 7. Surface burn failure:
●8. Bearing failure due to improper installation and coordination