Bearing rotation world | If there is no bearing, what will the world do?

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Bearings are a very important part of contemporary machinery. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the mechanical load friction coefficient of the equipment during the transmission process. What if the world suddenly has

The treadmill conveyor moves fast and steadily on a 12-kilogram steel rod, which is supported by four bearings that allow it to rotate at a steady rate.Six rubber shock absorbers are attached to the bottom to act as shock absorbers, reducing the foot's shock to the conveyor belt.On the floor is a 2.5cm thick running board, waxed on the outside and hinged on the tail to provide a firm surface for running and reduce knee damage.The rollers need to be firm, making sure that each time the runner's foot hits the belt, it records the runner's pace.The expected running speed can be set through a computer console, and each time your foot hits the track hard, the belt slows down, and the drivers work at the same time, immediately cancelling out the deceleration.Electronic controllers detect changes in pace and send commands to the engine to rev up, so that the conveyor belt can restore the preset speed and match the pace of the runner, who feels comfortable throughout.